One Order = One Tree

Project ‘OOOT’ is primarily for webshops that want to drastically reduce their carbon footprint, but especially for partners who want to help build a better planet and a better future for those who need it most.

If we join forces, each with a small contribution, together we can make a big difference for both Mother Earth and people in need.

Symbolically, it is of course very nice to be able to plant one tree for each order sent, but it goes beyond that symbolism.

Trees for the future

The forest garden solution

The project ‘The forest garden solution’ of the American NGO ‘Trees for the Future’ is more than just planting trees. The idea is to eradicate poverty by planting trees in developing countries. With a four-year training course, local farmers gain knowledge about forest, soil and nature management. The planting strategy makes fields fertile again and harvests profitable. The project not only reduces CO2 emissions worldwide, but also boosts the local economy with the ultimate goal of ensuring that farmers receive a fair wage for their harvest and that the fields remain fertile for decades. 

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